Vía Ferrata

Vía Ferrata

Our newest activity!
Duration: 4hs.

It is a safest way to climb, that combines climbing, hiking and scrambling, and doesn’t require any climbing experience.

The rock is equipped with a steel cable anchored which runs up the entire route. Placing ladder rungs, steel steps, suspension bridges strategically along the iron path, to allow climbers to move trough challenging terrain. With an epic ending zip line, leading the group to the higher part of the mountain, to enjoy the fantastic vistas of the valley, mountains, glaciers and Fitz Roy range.

This Via Ferrata special construction allows you to slide a locked carabiner on your harness over each permanent anchor point without ever having to detach it from the cable, making a safe, secure and fun experience!

  • Meeting with the guide, briefing, aproach to the base (1 mile flat), via ferrata, descent to the estancia entrance.
  • The Via Ferrata runs 1800 ft, and the elevation gain is 600 ft.
  • Each participant will be provided with helmet, harness and specialized lanyard.
  • This assisted climbing experience doesn’t require any specialized climbing skills, although is important to have general physical fitness to hike continuously, and a big sense of adventure!.

Due to the certified shock absorbers, the weight range is between 80 to 260 lbs


Reservations are made with 48 hours. in advance.

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