La Ponderosa: Country House & Rope House

La Ponderosa used to be the home of Lita and Pirulo, pioneers and founders of the Estancia. It has two en-suite bedrooms, a living room and a dining kitchen. A few meters from the main house is La Casa de Sogas (Rope House).

  • Location: 3 km from the entrance bridge.
  • 2 rooms / 1 barbecue area / Usina Vieja.
  • 1 Guest house, studio apartment with private bathroom.

Puestos de Veranada

La Veranada was the place where the Gauchos brought their cattle to eat the greenest pastures. There, in front of an exclusive view of Mount Fitz Roy, 4 single-room houses emerge that maintain the same aesthetics and essence of those Patagonian outposts.

  • Location: 2 km from the entrance bridge.
  • Unique views of the northwest face of Mount Fitz Roy
  • 4 studio apartments of 35 m2, with private bathroom